ai-FaMe Lab

The ai-FaMe Lab (AI-integrated Fashion Metaverse Lab) , comprising a team of experienced interdisciplinary researchers conducting pioneering research, is dedicated to investigating the transformation of consumer behavior in the modern fashion landscape driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies. Supported by funding from the School of Fashion and Textiles (SFT) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), our lab is positioned at the forefront of the convergence of AI, technology, and fashion.

At the core of the ai-FaMe Lab's research lie three fundamental elements that compose the fashion metaverse ecosystem: digital asset ownership, AI-powered virtual human marketing, and the metaverse retail experience. Through its comprehensive research endeavors, the lab aspires to generate invaluable insights that cater to diverse stakeholders, including fashion academics, industry collaborators, and policymakers. Furthermore, the lab is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of fashion professionals, who possess the potential to make substantial contributions to the advancement of economic development and innovation within the fashion industry.

Our Missons

Research Mission

To advance knowledge and understanding of the impact of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies on consumer behavior within the contemporary fashion metaverse ecosystem, leading to actionable insights for industry and society.

Education Mission

To educate and empower students and industry partners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the evolving landscape of fashion and technology, while nurturing innovation and sustainable practices.


ai-FaMe STORE is an innovative fashion NFT platform operated by the ai-FaMe Lab on OpenSea. Designed as a hub for connecting academia and industry while nurturing students' digital Web 3.0 competency, our platform aims to empower PolyU SFT students to refine advanced digital skills as emerging digital fashion content creators and fashion NFT artists. Furthermore, it provides a dynamic platform for fostering potential collaborations between industry and academia, it serves as a dynamic platform for bridging the gap between education and industry, driving forward the evolution of digital fashion and NFT artistry.

[ai-FaMe ⓢTORE] https://opensea.io/ai-FaMeStore