Research Themes

At the core of the ai-FaMe Lab's research lie three fundamental elements that compose the fashion metaverse ecosystem:

Research Focus 1

Digital Asset

Understanding consumer attitudes and demands for fashion-related digital products in the decentralized Web3 ecosystem

Research Focus 2

Virtual Human

Exploring the use of AI-generated characters for fashion product promotion and advertising

Research Focus 3

Metaverse Retail

Investigating the consumer shopping experience for fashion products in an immersive and interactive environment

Digital asset

The research theme on Digital Asset Ownership encompasses a comprehensive exploration of consumer preferences, attitudes, utilization, and the demand for fashion-related digital products within the decentralized Web 3 ecosystem. These digital products include, but are not limited to, NFT fashion, digital clothing and accessories, as well as virtual collectibles.

Research Outputs

#Chenn, A., Lee, H., #Chong, S., Jang, J., & Ki, C.* (2023). Clothes made of pixels and bits: An AI-driven topic modelling analysis of fashion NFTs compared to digital fashion. 2023 Global Marketing Conference, Seoul, Korea, July 20-23.

Ki, C., Youn, S.*, & Ha, S. (2023). Metaverse and fashion consumers: Exploring the meanings consumers attach to the metaverse, avatars, and digital fashion. 2023 Global Marketing Conference, Seoul, Korea, July 20-23. 10.15444/GMC2023.03.03.04

AI-powered virtual human marketing

The AI-Generated Virtual Humans research theme focuses on examining consumer attitudes and engagements with virtual entities. It particularly emphasizes the exploration of how consumers react to various manifestations and behaviors of AI-generated virtual humans in different contexts, such as influencers and sales assistants. The primary goal of this research is to produce practical insights that can be strategically employed in the promotion and marketing of fashion products and services.

Research Outputs

Ki, C.*, Cho, E., & Lee, J. (2020). Can an intelligent personal assistant (IPA) be your friend? Para-friendship development mechanism between IPAs and their users. Computers in Human Behavior, 111.

Kim, I., Ki, C.*, & Kim, Y. (2022). Are virtual fashion influencers (VFIs) cool and eerie? Effects of VFIs’ form- and behavioral-realism on consumer ambivalence. International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, October 26-29.

Metaverse retail experience

The research theme on the Metaverse Retail Experience focuses on exploring consumer shopping experiences within immersive and interactive Web 3.0 retail environments. This includes various elements such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) retail stores, virtual try-on solutions, and remote showrooms.

Research Outputs

Lau, O. & Ki, C.* (2021). Can consumers’ gamified, personalized, and engaging experiences with VR fashion apps increase in-app purchase intention by fulfilling needs? Fashion and Textiles, 8 (36).